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Global Fund's Support for Health Systems Strengthening Interventions: A Reference Guide

The reference guide aims to support applicants in including health systems strengthening interventions in their Global Fund Round 11 proposals. This is the third Round in which such a tool is offered to Global Fund applicants. The guide was developed by Health Systems 20/20 in collaboration with Physicians for Human Rights and the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative.

The reference guide provides a basic orientation on why and how to use the Global Fund to help support health systems strengthening, and includes answers to the following questions:

  • What is health system strengthening?
  • Why should countries apply for cross-cutting HSS interventions?
  • For which HSS activities can funding from the Global Fund be requested?
  • What has changed in Round 11 for HSS compared to Round 10?
  • What information is required for requesting funding for cross-cutting HSS activities?
  • What are the success and failure factors in cross-cutting HSS components of Global Fund proposals?
  • What technical support is available for developing cross-cutting HSS interventions for Global Fund proposals?


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French and Spanish versions available.

Author: Eric Friedman, Itamar Katz, Erin Kiley, Eric Williams, and Ann Lion
Published: Aug 12 2011