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Welcome to the Health Systems 20/20 Data Analysis Site. This web site is designed to complement the recently released Health Systems Assessment Approach: A How-To Manual and therefore, it closely mirrors the framework and quantitative analysis presented in this manual. The information available here covers key health systems functions and is organized around seven technical modules that guide data collection and assessment: Core module, Governance, Health financing, Health service delivery, Human resources, Pharmaceutical management, and Health information systems. The web site provides data for Component 1 indicators as presented in the Health Systems Assessment Approach: A How-To Manual.

The current version of the web tool includes a user-friendly interface with several types of graphing and mapping features, as well as a flexible data download system that are aimed at providing key health systems information for any country. Various analyses, including peer country comparisons, can be easily conducted and used to support policy discussions and decisions. To view a copy of the Health Systems Database brief, click here.