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Resource Tracking




Resource tracking monitors the flow of financial resources within the health sector. Governments and development partners depend on health expenditure data to assess past performance of health policies and programs and guide decision-making.

Despite the significant value that resource tracking provides for a country’s health sector, substantial obstacles prevent regular production and use of this information. National Health Accounts (NHA) estimations, a widely used resource tracking methodology, often happen only if donor funding and external technical assistance is available.


Health Systems 20/20 works to ensure that sustainable resource tracking mechanisms fit into the fabric of national financial resource planning, maximizing the quality and availability of data to improve health policy and outcomes. Health Systems 20/20 provides support to countries that have never done an NHA estimation, and to help experienced countries institutionalize the methodology.

To facilitate data collection and analysis, Health Systems 20/20 developed the NHA Production Tool, a desktop software that provides step-by-step directions to guide country teams through an NHA estimation. Read a brief or view a presentation to learn more.

NHA Production Tool Kiosk

Click to use NHA Production Tool Kiosk

Health Systems 20/20 Final Project Report

Health Systems 20/20
Sep 2012 | Health Systems 20/20  | Report 

Health Systems 20/20 Publications List

Health Systems 20/20
Sep 2012 | Health Systems 20/20  | Publications List 

Health Systems 20/20 Mission Convergence Pilot Project In Delhi, India

AMS Consulting
Aug 2012 | Health Systems 20/20  | Report 

Tracking Household Health Expenditures in Developing Countries Through Major Population-Based Surveys (2012 Update)

Ken Carlson and Douglas Glandon
Aug 2012 | Health Systems 20/20  | Report 

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Project Closes September 2012

Sep 21 2012

In launching the Health Systems 20/20 project in 2006, USAID recognized that “Only as we solve systemic challenges can USAID fulfill its mission of saving lives….” Through Health Systems 20/20, USAID has complemented its disease- and service-focused investments with technical assistance, capacity building, and global leadership in financing, governance, and operations. As a demand-driven project, Health Systems 20/20 responded to over 250 activity requests in 51 countries. More...

New Perspectives in Health Systems Strengthening: Lessons Learned for Building Stronger, Smarter Systems

Aug 2 2012
Health Systems 20/20 has conducted more than 250 health systems strengthening activities in 51 countries since 2006, helping to eliminate barriers to the delivery and use of priority health care, including HIV/AIDS services, tuberculosis treatment, and reproductive health services. More...

Health Systems 20/20 Event Marks Progress in Health Systems Strengthening

Jul 20 2012
Approximately 200 global health professionals gathered in Washington, DC on July 18 to discuss the future of health systems strengthening and lessons learned during the six years of Health Systems 20/20. More...

St. Kitts and Nevis Launches First National Health Accounts Estimation

Jun 28 2012

As donor funding for HIV programs decreases across the Caribbean, investments in health financing systems are essential to make HIV programs sustainable.  Health Systems 20/20 is building financial management capacity in the Eastern Caribbean by conducting National Health Accounts (NHA) and HIV subaccounts estimations in several countries, starting with St. Kitts and Nevis. 


Focus on Health Systems at World Congress on Public Health in Ethiopia

May 2 2012

Health systems and primary care were highlighted at the 13th World Congress on Public Health in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Honored guests included the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zanawi, and Minister of Health, Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, who addressed more than 2,500 health professionals from 160 countries.



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