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South Sudan

Health System Assessment

Health Systems 20/20 has assisted the government of South Sudan (GoSS) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) develop a proposal to obtain funds from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).

More specifically, Health Systems 20/20 provided guidance to the MOH-GoSS on the GAVI health system strengthening (HSS) application process, helped the MOH set up a Health Sector Coordination Committee, assisted the MOH identify a focal person for GAVI HSS in South Sudan, and conducted an assessment of the South Sudanese health care system.

Health Systems 20/20 organized meetings with the MOH and key stakeholders to present the GAVI HSS proposal process and collected data and information for the health system assessment by reviewing all existing health sub-sector assessments conducted in South Sudan as well as other South Sudan health sector documents, participating in the National Health Assembly, and interviewing key stakeholders.

The health systems assessment will assist in identifying the key health system strengths, weaknesses, and barriers that impact maternal and child health services (particularly immunization services) and in prioritizing “gaps” in current health system strengthening efforts. The results of this assessment are intended to feed into the process of developing a strong GAVI HSS application to help South Sudan successfully transition away from relief efforts towards sustainable systems to improve the health of children, women, and families.

HIV/AIDS Program Sustainability Analysis Tool (HAPSAT)

The government of South Sudan has recognized the potential consequences of an uncontrolled HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Sudan with the creation of the South Sudan AIDS Commission (SSAC) in 2006, and the development of the South Sudan HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework (SSHASF) for 2008–2012. The aim of the South Sudan HAPSAT is to provide the SSAC with preliminary analysis of unit costs and five-year resource requirements for the South Sudan HIV/AIDS Program. The activities covered in this analysis have been identified by a broad group of stakeholders in the HIV/AIDS program as being critical to the sustainability of the program.

Strengthening Health Systems by Engaging the Private Health Sector: Promising HIV/AIDS Partnerships

Aneesa Arur, Sara Sulzbach, Jeff Barnes, Barbara O’Hanlon, and Danielle Altman
Nov 2010 | Health Systems 20/20  | Brief 
Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia 

Southern Sudan Health System Assessment

Yogesh Rajkotia, Stephanie Boulenger, and Willa Pressman
Jul 2007 | Health Systems 20/20  | Report 

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